Painting nature with my brushes

May 01, 2017

As a Highly Sensitive Person and INFP, I usually find my sanctuary in nature; it is my way of recharging my body and soul when the world becomes a little overwhelming to me.

But sometimes, when I can't go out into nature for whatever reason, I let nature come to me; painting the places I want to be with my watercolor paint and my brushes. It is a very calming activity to me. In a way, it also stills my wanderlust feelings.

I painted this watercolor painting during Kingsday, a national holiday in the Netherlands, where most people go out to celebrate our King's birthday; the streets are buzzing that day; drunk people and loud music everywhere. The crowdedness and loudness are not for me and the past years I actively avoid going out on Kingsday, but I do follow the royal procession held every year on television - of course with tompouce!

I recently bought new mixed media paper by Strathmore, which is different from the brand I usually buy (Terschelling). I was a bit reluctant to purchase the Strathmore paper at first, especially since it's quite expensive, and I didn't know if it was any good. But, I've been eyeing this gorgeous Strathmore Mixed Media hardbound art journal for quite a while in the art store I frequently visit, and eventually decided to buy it; it can be used for tons of other purposes besides watercolor paint, namely gouache, pastels, pen and ink, graphite, et cetera. Now and then I also like to work with pastels, so it sure comes in handy.

Luckily I do not regret buying the hardbound art journal at all; in fact, I'm very enthusiastic about it. The paper doesn't wrinkle as much when it becomes soaking wet like the paper from the brand I usually work with, which is a big plus for me.

One disadvantage is, though, that I am a perfectionist to the core and háte wasting paper if a painting fails. I absolutely do not want to fail and rip out a page from this gorgeous art journal, so I am setting high standards for myself and actually had a hard time to make a beginning in this art journal.

Thank goodness the first painting came out quite well; a hill landscape shrouded in early morning mist, with a rising sun behind the hills.

I hope you guys like it! Till next time!

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